Wednesday, February 25, 2015


In Luganda, my name means sunshine, and I try to live up to it! (Perhaps the blond hair helps?) But I’m surrounded by much brighter sunshine since I currently live in Uganda, East Africa. Not to mention the sunshine others bring into my life! I love singing in Heart of Worship, hanging out with my brothers and friends, and reading! I’ve lived in Uganda since I was eight, although my family has gone back to the States several times for furlough. I have amazing friends in both places and try to keep in touch with them no matter which side of the world I’m on. One of my favorite things in Uganda is the relationship-centered environment. Whenever you walk somewhere, you must greet everyone you pass. Stopping and having a conversation is far more important that being on time for whatever meeting you’re going to. Although that sometimes frustrates me (I like being on time!), it certainly helps me get my priorities straight! I love living here, even though I do miss my friends Stateside, and am so thankful Jesus called my family to live in both places!

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