Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Christina. I won’t take time to describe my appearance because you can look at the photo and see for yourself.  I love hanging out with my friends, playing Settlers of Catan with my family, cuddling and playing with the kids at the baby house, doing PE with the Treasures at Treasures Class, praising God at church in several different languages, and reading, whether with my little friends at David Family or by myself!   My life is somehow different from most fourteen-year-olds.  I speak a bit of two languages and a lot of a third.  Sometimes I live in a place where it snows in September and temperatures plummet below freezing.  Other times I live where 20oC is cold and when it’s raining you can’t hear anything but drops bouncing of the metal roof.  Who am I really? I’m a mostly normal (I suppose some would disagree) girl who has been called by God on an amazing and exciting adventure of faith.  I don’t know what my life is going to be like in the future, but I know someone who does.  And He has loved me, redeemed me, and has everything in His control.

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